Effective Slimming Therapies

INSTANT SLIM – $38 /$41.04 wGST (UP$88)

• Increase body’s metabolism
• Improve effectiveness of the digestive system
• Detox & Improves lymphatic drainage and improves blood circulation
• Successfully remove metabolic wastage 
• Relieve inflammation 

• Reshape your body contours by reducing excessive fats
• Gives healthy circulation while regulating hormonal levels
•Stimulates passive exercise effects and boosts immunity
•Decrease in Visceral Fat 
• Weight Lost

Supreme Bojin Facial | Revolutionary Technology for Instantly Beautiful Skin

Skin Rejuvenation (OPT) – $89 /$96.12 wGST (UP$280)

• Radiant & glowing skin

• Improve skin quality
• Reduce open pores
• Pigmentation reduction
• Acne Clearing

Lymphatic Drainage Detox Treatment – $89 /$96.12 wGST (UP$288)

• Stimulate blood circulation, reduce water retention
• Eliminates the appearance of cellulite
• Increase and speed up metabolism
• Eliminates free fatty acid
• Whole body detoxification

Clinical Clarity Brightening Facial

Clinical Clarity Brightening Facial – $98 /$105.84 wGST (UP$280)

• Lightens hyperpigmentation & scars
• Increase cell turnover
• Erase lines and wrinkles
• Firm ad tone
• Smoothens skin texture

Vanquish ME Treatment

Vanquish ME – $128 /$138.24 wGST 


• Fat removal
• Circumferential reduction
• Body shaping

Deluxe Detox Facial – $98 /$105.84 wGST (UP$280)

• Removes build up and purifies skin
• Lifts away lines and wrinkles
• Soothes and relaxes mind and body
• Protects against environmental pollution

5D Sculpture Peptides Treatment

5D Sculpture Peptides Treatment – $98 /$105.84 wGST (UP$268)

10 amino acids to help in collagen production and improve the appearance of fine lines

Improve volume, firmness, and plumpness of the skin

Rapidly hydrate with glowing translucent skin

Soothe and repair skin promote skin circulation

Brighten skin complexion

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