Rediscover radiance, vitality, silky, soft, and revitalized skin. We start with the body exfoliation using exfoliating fruit seeds, aromatic dead sea salt, a unique blend of fruit powders with essential oils and plant oils, this is a wonderfully sensory-stimulation that chases away all sign of fatigue.

Exfoliating Scrub (Dry)

A full body scrub, followed by a shower which moisturizes the skin.

DURATION       30 mins

PRICE               $68 ($73.44 w/GST)

RDS Treatment by Pisces Wellness

RDS Treatment (UP$280 / $302.40 w/GST)

ALL IN 1 Setting: To release muscle tensions. Stimulates the production of
collagen leaning to firmer skin.

Our massage oil completes the treatment with its moisturizing, draining and
decongesting properties. The slimming and draining active ingredients of the
pre-blended essential oil with our signature wooden stick techniques, which
allows the most optimal results. The treatment care consists of smoothing,
applying pressures, muscle stretching, and doing draining frictions for a total

・Very effectively reduces fluid retention and the wooden massage sticks
matches every part of body perfectly
・Sculpting the body and Body contouring
・Tones and strengthens・Lifting feature
・Lymphatic drainage leading to brighter skin

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