(90 mins) – $320 / $345.60 w/GST


“The Recipe to Younger looking skin”- Triple Hydrogen Therapy

4 in 1 Solution: Exfoliate, Extract, Hydrate & Protect
DUO Hydrogen helps to remove various wastes, fine dusts and free radicals. It is a perfect first treatment before any skin procedures.
Hydrogen – Anti-aging and collagen production by removing oxygen
Ozone – Sterilisation of various germs and bacteria using ozone water
DUO HYDROGEN Solution Therapy – Moisturzing and brightening, sebum removal and skin food
Achieve clear dewy skin in just 1 session!


• Reduce inflammation
• Minimised pores
• Increase water moisture and collagen production
• Skin regeneration in reduce wrinkles
• Improves skin tone and texture
• Keratin and sebum removal
• Removal of Micro-organism parasitic for treating acne
Instant visible results / No downtime/ No irritations/ Anti-aging and collagen production/ Removes fundamental cause for skin-aging

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