30Mins Treatment @ $88 / $94.16 (w/GST)
3KG -$600
5KG – $900


Non Invasive / Non-Surgical / Rapid whole body treatment / 100% Result Guaranteed
Long lasting / Effective & Safe / Effortless / Pain Free

Reduce fat / Inches loss / Weight lost

Our powerful weight loss program includes TCM Cupping & Needleless acupuncture for weight loss and promotes healthy eating habits. It helps to activate the self-healing power that the body has and eventually leads to a beautiful and healthy state of body and mind.

It has been proven in promoting metabolism. There are many applied techniques to help the lymphatic system to eliminate fat and water effectively and effortlessly. All the technique works in synergy to activate the process of releasing stored fat, stimulate drainage and helps lose weight loss in a safe and harmless way to get rid of the excess waste and fluid that’s making you look and feel too big. Either way, you’ll notice results right away!


MARVEL 9 Techniques: –


●  Comprehensive body analysis – understand and discover your fat percentage and to derive effective fat/ weight loss strategies.

●  Help to improve and increase metabolism; with healthy diets and eating habits, able to lose inches off the waist in shortest time.

●  Reduce bloatedness and also improve blood circulation

●  Aids in improving body’s digestive systems.

●  Stimulate blood flow to the needed areas.

●  Speed up metabolic cell repair, regeneration, healing, and recovery all in one.

●  Decrease in visceral fat

●  Promote Lymphatic Drainage

●  Healthy diets

Results are guaranteed even after just the very first few treatments session. As your body’s metabolism rate is boosted up naturally, future weight gain would be less likely.



Increase body’s metabolism
Improve effectiveness of the digestive system
●  Detox & Improves lymphatic drainage and improves blood circulation
●  Successfully remove metabolic wastage
●  Relieve inflammation
●  Reshape your body contours by reducing excessive fats
●  Gives healthy circulation while regulating hormonal levels
●  Stimulates passive exercise effects and boosts immunity
●  Decrease in Visceral Fat
●  Weight Lost

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