FDA cleared “Alternative to injection”

PDRN 5% – $480 / $518.40 (w/GST)
PDRN 8% – $680 / $734.40 (w/GST)

D.E.P Needless Treatment – the only device approved by FDA as alternative to injection!

Dermoelectroporation (D.E.P) uses controlled electrical pulses to open the skin’s water based “channels” expands pores 17 times it’s size. This increase in skin permeability allows micro and macro molecules to penetrate into the hypodermis.

Compared to traditional devices, the D.E.P has these advantages:

1. Delivers the same amount of solution at a much faster speed without changing its original properties.

2. Does not require needles to inject solution into the dermis layer. 

3. Safe & painless
4. Applies controlled current and stable pulses that will not damage skin.

5. Allow for real time control on the whole treatment (delivery time, volume, flow, skin absorption).

Key Benefits of DEP Treatment:

  • Instant results
  • Faster and proven outcomes
  • No downtime
  • No irritations
  • No burnings or inflammations
  • No trauma from injection
  • Safe and comfortable

Ideal facial for dehydrated/ saggy/ damaged skin

PDRN Skin Regeneration Treatment in Singapore | Pisces Wellness
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